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Family Owned and Operated Public Adjusting Company That Works For YOU...Not the Insurance Company

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We Work For You

     Dillman & Dillman is a family operated Public Adjusting company serving all of Connecticut. With decades of combined experience, we have consistently ensured maximum recovery to which our policyholders are entitled.

     A Public Adjuster ("PA") is a licensed expert on property loss and adjustment. PAs are licensed by the state because of the inherent conflict of interest created when an insurance company attempts to represent two sides of a financial transaction. We ensure the policyholder is indemnified, or made whole.  

     Don't go it alone; filing an insurance claim without a public adjuster is like going to court without an attorney. Let us take the worry and unknowns out of the claims process for you.  

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Here Are Just Some of the Things We Can Do For You:

  • Report your claim to your insurance carrier 

  • Locate temporary housing for you and your family immediately following a loss

  • Locate long-term housing while your home is being properly restored

  • Review your coverage limits, endorsements, and exclusions in your policy

  • Extensively photo document the loss to move the claims process forward

  • Prepare a robust building repair estimate to maximize settlement 

  • Prepare a piece-by-piece personal property estimate

  • Schedule and attend all meetings with insurance company adjusters, fire investigators, mitigation company specialists, and all other parties involved

  • Assist in recovering payment for incurred expenses (i.e. extra expenses for meals)

  • Negotiate maximum settlement under the terms of your policy

  • Assist in the recovery of business interruption funds (if applicable)

  • Field any and all calls/texts/emails by providing personal cell phone numbers for 24/7 availability

  • ...and much more


Call Us For A Free Consultation on Any of the Following:

  • Fire

  • Flood

  • Windstorm

  • Furnace Puffback

  • Vehicle Impacts

  • Frozen/Broken Pipes

  • Ice Damage 

  • Mold

  • Sewage Backup

  • Natural Disasters

  • Lightnight Strikes

  • Theft/Vandalism

  • Collapse

  • And More!


Your Source for Protection

New Haven, CT

Insurance Company Offer: $8,000

Dillman & Dillman Settlement: $94,000

Griswold, CT

Insurance Company Offer: $42,000

Dillman & Dillman Settlement: $148,000

Hartford, CT

Insurance Company Offer: $31,000

Dillman & Dillman Settlement: $123,000

Branford, CT

Insurance Company Offer: $54,000

Dillman & Dillman Settlement: $171,000

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Company Owner & CEO


Steve has been adjusting residential and commercial property losses in Connecticut for almost 20 years. Steve is a retired firefighter and wanted to continue to help those affected by unexpected losses. Steve has extensive knowledge of construction and the insurance claim process. Steve's passion for exceptional customer service is the hallmark of the company. Steve is also a mentor for his two sons, who also partake in the family business and the insurance field. Steve has been married for almost 30 years with 5 grown children. Dillman & Dilman has always been a family business starting with Steve and his father, Ed Dillman.


Public Insurance Adjuster & Estimator


Jack is the son of Steve Dillman and a third-generation in the family business. Jack has mastered writing building estimates from Steve and other top professionals in the field and is one of the top estimators in his field. He graduated from a trade school with a focus in carpentry and has been exposed to the construction field for over 10 years which has served as a springboard in writing estimates.


Office Administrator 


Jade, Steve's wife, runs the show behind the scenes. Jade manages the office and is especially well versed in personal property estimates. Her time in the industry is almost as extensive as Steve's, which means experience gives her an advantage.

Molster - Headshot.jpg

Content Claims Manager


Brian Molster has been managing content and is an expert in compiling industry-leading content reports for over 8 years. Brian Molster is a retired member of the West Haven Fire Department after a 25-year career. Brian's background with the West Haven Fire Department has exposed him to extreme situations, which helps in understanding property damage losses.


Public Insurance Adjuster 


Brendan Collins has spent the majority of his career in Real Estate software sales for industry-leading companies. He comes to the Public Adjusting world following a house fire of his own where he saw the positive impact of the profession. He strives to help those who have had similar property losses. The transition for him from the board room to damaged buildings has been seamless as he looks at each claim as a new client who deserves the same attention as the hedge funds and private equity groups he used to serve.

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Public Adjusters are paid on a contingency fee basis. We do not receive an hourly fee and there are no up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you! 

We guarantee that we will not charge for our services until we have successfully negotiated a settlement that provides you sufficient funds to return your home or business structure back to pre-loss condition. We don't get paid until you get paid! 

The State of Connecticut sets the maximum fee to protect consumers. PAs typically charge 10% of your settlement. 

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Contact us today! Call or email Steve Dillman directly at the contact info below, or fill out the form!

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Trumbull, CT 06611


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